Bush Farm opens in April

Bush Farm opens in April!
Bush Farm is a new venue on the Essex day-ticket scene.

It’s the vision of Lee Hornsby who commented “It was painfully clear that, unless you were lucky enough to be in one of the local syndicates, there was precious little good carp fishing in the Upminster area of Essex. So, when the chance came, we bought our new water, Bush Farm, from CEMEX. It’s a 4.5-acre old gravel wash pit that’s been a fishery since the 1960s, but there was lots of fishery management work to do before we would be happy to open it”.

Lee has removed some fish from the lake and undertook a restocking programme, with fish from Simon Scott, at VS Fisheries. Lee says, “The new stock tops out at 32lb, and there are also 20 originals too. Our ambition is for the lake to become a thirties water that everyone can access”.

The lake itself is a mature pit and Lee has already done significant swim work installing power on site. His plan is to have power sockets in every swim by the time the lake opens on the 1st April!




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