Bardag Angling Association (BARDAG)

The Bardag Club is run by anglers for anglers and with the help of Barking and Dagenham Council

Waters of note

Chase Front Lake – 9 acres

With shallows and deeps, gravel bars and islands, reed and lily beds and fish holding snag swims, this lake is a carp anglers paradise.

Extensive stocking has been carried out by the Bardag Club with lots of upper-doubles and mid to high 20s introduced to compliment the original stock which contained fish to the mid 30s. A further 100 plus fast growing English stockies in the 5 to 8lb range have also been stocked to ensure ongoing growing population.


Chase Back lake – 7 acres

There are many features, with secluded bays, two islands and the banks fringed with reed and lily beds.  The lake attracts specimen anglers who target the many larger Carp. With fish in the mid 30s and some beautiful double-figure Koi and Ghosties this type of fishing is not to be ignored.


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