Colchester Postal & Telecom Angling Club (CPTAC)

Founded in 1951 and CPTAC boasts 7 lakes, a specimen carp lake and a stretch on the river Stour.  These waters provide a quality environment for all anglers, including families, match fishermen, sport fishermen and specimen hunters alike.

Senior (age 17-64) Full & Associate Members £65.00 pa
Junior (below 17) £ FREE pa
Senior Concession (age 65+) £50.00 pa
Disabled Member £50.00 pa
New Members Joining Fee £10.00
Option 1: Season Night Ticket Fee (see section above) £60.00 pa
Option 2 (no Match Pit): Night Session Ticket (see section below) £30.00 pa
Postal Renewal Fee £5.00 pa

Waters of note

Match Pit

Situated in Wivenhoe near Colchester this is yet another beautiful, mature, tree-lined lake that is about 7 acres in size. The old gravel pit is a home to carp that go to over 40lb. There must be at least 20 different 30’s and loads of back up 20’s to keep you occupied. I wouldn’t call it an easy water and at times it can be quite hard but put in the time and the effort and you will soon be reaping in the rewards.

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