Essex Carp Syndicates


Both venues are situated in the essex countryside.

The Mill

The mill syndicate lake was dug in 03/04 and was extensively landscaped in 2005, the lake is seventeen feet deep in places. It’s surrounded by trees reeds and Lilly’s.

The lake itself is around 9 acres with lots of bays and excellent margins , stock consists of over 160 fish with over 50 x 20lb , the fish are currently pushing the scales to 36lb plus mark.

The carp present in both lakes are of an old English strain (horseshoe orchid strain) and all are very scaly. 




The Rise

The Rise is the largest lake of the fisheries having been formed back in 2007. In a short time it’s become a well run carp fishery in beautiful surroundings. Currently there are over 15 fish that go over the 40lb mark up to 48lb plus.

These are fast growing fish mainly due to good water quality and the abundance of natural food.

The season runs from 1st April until 25th March each year and places are offered to potential new members from their waiting lists. 




Essex Carp Syndicates also run an excellent day ticket water which is around 3 acres in size with carp in excess of 30lb.

For more information just click on the below image to visit their website.