Lofts Lake

Lofts Lake is a mature gravel pit set in the picturesque countryside of Maldon in Essex.  Approximately 25 acres in size and surrounded by a nature reserve,

The lake is made up of a number of bays, underwater islands and gullies, with depths ranging from 3ft – 14ft in places.  A large island dominates the majority of the lake and is riddled with snags, overhanging trees and other features.

The carp who inhabit Lofts are now near to the magical 40lb mark and this lake contains every feature imaginable, this Essex carp syndicate really has everything for the carp angler could wish for.  From gravel bars, weed beds and islands to deep bays, plateaus and snags.

Located in Maldon Essex, turn down the narrow gravel track, off Broad Street Green Road, onto what you would assume is a road to nowhere, and after a short drive your’ll be greeted by an epic site. Approximately 25 acres of gin clear water, housing some of the most stunning carp you’re ever likely to see on the bank.

Membership applications for the 2019/2020 season are now closed.

The 2020/2021 season will start on the 1st April 2020.

It is anticipated that for the 2020/2021 season syndicate tickets will be £490. All new members will be subject to a £50 joining fee.

When your application is approved and full payment is received you will be issued with the following:

  • Membership Card
  • Fishery Handbook
  • Fishery Rules
  • Car Parking Permit
  • Gate Code

There are currently 17 swims at Lofts Lake

Stock – Approximately 200 fast growing carp were introduced in 2012, there are also a handful of stunning original scaly mirror carp, and some big original common carp weighing in excess of 35+. The largest carp caught to date was just shy of 40lb.

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